Customer surveys help you determine your customers’ broadband/internet needs and expectations. Surveys allow you to better understand your customer base, give customers a chance to voice their opinions, identify areas that are of importance to them, and highlight the processes and services that you want feedback on for improvement or confirmation.

Plus One offers customized customer surveys tailored to your company’s goals. Whether your company is small or large, Plus One’s survey will tell you what your customers think about your internet services so you can confirm your business practices and offerings or change course.

Why is it so important to learn what your customers think?

  • Successful businesses understand that keeping current customers costs less than finding new ones. That is why it makes sense to learn more about your current customers and their needs. A customer survey is one of the most efficient ways to increase retention and upselling efforts.
  • We recommend that your customer survey focuses on how your customers use your services and how you provide those services. Surveys provide insight into the current and future needs of your customers, driving the direction of your product development and pricing. New ideas will come from what your customers think and say about the services you offer (or do not yet offer).
  • Surveys also provide valuable information about customer perceptions. Both positive and negative feedback inform future marketing and sales efforts.

In rural markets it can be challenging to acquire new customers. For this reason, it is critical to retain current customers by allowing your customers’ opinions to be heard and responding to them.

Are you listening?

For more information about Plus One’s customized customer surveys, please contact Tanya Sullivan at or 703.772.2235.

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