Tell your story and get your communities advocating for your construction project(s).

The process of building and delivering broadband has many twists and turns. Many ISPs jump right into consumer awareness but miss key stakeholder audiences. Plus One supports these critical collaborations by effectively telling your story.
Who needs to hear your story? Townships, counties, associations, road commissions and lawmakers (local, state and national). All have a stake in closing the digital divide for their constituents.
What Do I Tell Them and How Do I Do It?
  • Your Story – explain your decades of service, the hundreds of miles of fiber you’ve already deployed and the millions you’ve already spent.
  • Your Current Service Area – this helps to show that you are the best partner and funding recipient as you are already serving or touching the communities that need broadband.
  • Funding Options – explain the options available to communities to get fiber internet or 100% coverage.
  • Funding Map – visually depict how current construction projects deliver advanced speeds to some but additional support is required for all homes and businesses.
  • Consumer Petition – get customers and prospects supporting your application(s).
  • Letters of Support – from VIPs, local leaders and anchor institutions.
  • Companion Pieces – explain the benefits of supporting your specific project over other competitive offers.

Fiber Road Map

Communicate all the steps along the road to full internet connectivity such as permitting and rights-of-way issues.

Show Your Funding Map

It is critical that you show how your current projects – as currently funded – leave holes in your service areas.

We Secure Consumer Support

Letters of support go a long way in today’s environment. Plus One not only secures support but executes consumer petition campaigns.

Keep VIPs Informed

Plus One drafts and distributes monthly newsletters with build updates, community efforts, educational pieces and so much more. Having continued engaging outreach doesn’t just inform stakeholders but makes them advocates for your network once you go-live! By keeping the governor, mayor and your federal reps informed you are cultivating relationships that result in testimonials and community events that will help you sell your service once construction is complete.

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