When Highline set out to bring high-speed fiber internet to rural Michigan, we hired Plus One to assist with grassroots marketing. They have managed outreach to policymakers, created leave-behind collateral, and produced infographics that explain the build process. Plus One has been invaluable to Highline in establishing and retaining these key local relationships.

Bruce Moore, CEO, Highline Midwest

From composing our industry communications to redesigning our website to offering strategic market guidance, Tanya and her team have truly helped raise awareness of Telsasoft’s products and benefits. We enjoy working with Plus One—they are knowledgeable, responsive, and professional.”

Roger Schmitz, CEO, Telsasoft

I had known of Plus One’s reputation for quality training for years, and recently was able to experience it for myself. Tanya and James conducted excellent training sessions for our technicians on how important and relevant their role is for managing a great customer experience. They really showed our customer-facing technical staff how important each of them were in Nex-Tech’s relationship with our customers and gave them new, actionable tools to improve their already great customer feedback. I appreciate the Plus One professionalism and grounded approach to working with my team.

Jimmy Todd, CEO/GM, Nex-Tech

Thanks to Plus One, the entire UniTel team is more engaged than ever, and laser-focused on our goals. We originally turned to Tanya for an employee survey and internal communications planning. We were thrilled with the process and have now had Plus One consult on new pricing and bundles, marketing and press, customer experience training, and more. Our staff works seamlessly with theirs and the results are fantastic.

Laurie Osgood, CEO, UniTel

Plus One recently conducted an employee feedback survey on customer experience and business process ideas, followed by virtual training and a thorough recommendations report. In working with Plus One’s Tanya Sullivan and James Mardis, we now have tangible and actionable ideas to implement and improve our customer experience with the entire RTC team. Thank you Plus One!

Shane Hart, CEO, RTC

Throughout her career, Tanya Sullivan has been a valuable asset to those she has worked for and with. Her passion, professionalism, and skill set have been personified by the work of Plus One over the past decade, and JSI and the industry have benefited greatly from her contributions and those of her staff.  We have enjoyed our working relationship for many years and look forward to many years to come.

Leo Staurulakis, Executive Vice President, JSI

Toly Digital has been a customer of Plus One since 2013. They have played a key role in Toly developing its marketing efforts, building our “brand” and also strategic planning for our company. All three dramatically helped us grow our business.

Aaron Suto, President, Toly Digital

Plus One’s industry involvement and subject matter expertise allow them to provide excellent support to rural broadband companies. Tanya and her team deliver great work that is complementary to NTCA’s mission. Thank you for all you do for our industry!

Shirley Bloomfield, CEO, NTCA-The Rural Broadband Association

With today’s fast pace of our industry, Triangle Communications has incorporated Plus One’s internal communications services into our business processes to ensure that our staff has the information and tools they require to fulfill the needs of our customers. Plus One provides value as we change our culture and grow into a more competitive company. Thank you Plus One!

Craig Gates, CEO, Triangle Communications, Havre, MT

We spent many years transforming our network to offer ubiquitous high speed broadband, but we turned to Plus One to help us communicate the transformation to our customers.  In a few short months, Tanya, James, and the Plus One team took us through a process that included employee and customer feedback, new marketing strategies, rebranding and repricing, and customer service training.  We were very pleased with the process and are thrilled with the results.  We highly recommend Plus One!

Gary Gilmer, President, Southwest Texas Communications

At TEC we consider Plus One to be part of the family! We began working with Plus One in 2017, and they quickly have opened doors of new ideas and new approaches to grow our business.

Joey Garner, Executive Vice President, TEC

Tanya and James are valued consultants for Alpina Capital. We rely on their expert market segmentation and messaging advice.

Scott Soden, Managing Principal & Co-Founder, Alpina Capital

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