Plus One Strategic Communications is pleased to announce that it has been designated as a Certified Go-To-Market Partner for Calix, the leading global provider of the cloud and software platforms, systems, and services required to deliver the unified access network and smart premises of tomorrow.

Calix Marketing Cloud is an industry-leading suite of tools that give marketers and broadband providers insights into how customers are using their networks. The insights allow marketers to better segment their audience in order to present more relevant messages and communication.

“We’ve seen over the years how integral Calix is for rural broadband providers, and we are proud to now be part of the process of leveraging those benefits,” said Tanya Sullivan, CEO of Plus One. “As Plus One continues its long history of helping our clients achieve success, the new partnership with Calix will help our clients leverage the abundance of tools to upsell and maintain market share.”

Calix Certified Go-To-Market Partners are companies invested in the telecommunications industry with deep knowledge about marketing strategies and campaigns that deliver results. As a Partner, Plus One staff will be trained and qualified to help broadband providers develop strategies and execute campaigns based on the insights and segmentation resulting from Calix’s network data.

“Plus One knows the rural broadband space inside and out and provides their customers strong guidance across all aspects of marketing and business development,” said Joe Kohegyi, Director, Marketing Channel Activation and GTM Partner Program. “Our Go-To-Market Partner Program is a critical resource to help subscribers best leverage our data and insights, and Plus One is a perfect fit to bring on board.”