Employee surveys are one of the easiest, yet most effective, tactics for gathering information on employee motivation and morale, as well as gaining insights from the staff’s perception of your company and its customers. At the same time, by surveying you communicate to your entire team that you value their opinions. For a customer-facing business, an employee survey goes a long way towards providing an improved customer experience. Surveys obtain staff opinions and knowledge about the company’s products and services and help ensure that the team is provided the resources they need to support sales efforts.

Surveys During Coronavirus

You may be wondering: now? When the world is already on tilt? Yes, exactly now. As stated by Willis Towers Watson, “Companies are maintaining their listening strategies – Now, more than ever, is the time to listen.” In fact, employee surveys have always demonstrated to employees that what they understand, think, and feel is valuable. Willis Towers Watson points out that “listening to employees during distressing and unpredictable times is an important signal that you care.” Plus One has conducted several employee surveys in the last few months. For some clients, they have more time to focus on it while they are working from home.

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Benefits Include the Insights Collected, as well as Employee Morale

Employee surveys are used to gather information that ultimately lead to better performance for the company, for multiple reasons – both for the insight they provide and for the morale of the employees who provide that insight. According to Forbes, “Employees who feel their voice is heard are 4.6 times more likely to feel empowered to perform their best work.” In today’s workforce, employees expect communication to be a two-way street between themselves and management.

The insight employee surveys provide are invaluable. You may find out that your customer service department often recommends lower-tier broadband offerings than your customers need. You may discover that Installation & Repair staff aren’t fully aware that their customer interactions are also an opportunity for sales. You may find that your billing department knows why customers are unhappy. You may also learn that employees prefer a particular manager’s style and don’t respond well to another’s. Survey results and the subsequent analysis can inform future training programs for your staff, as well as provide recommendations for future action plans around managers and employees, internal employee communications, and staff development.