During this uncertain time, it is more important than ever to stay connected to our communities. You need to take time and care in how you communicate with your employees, customers, and prospects.

Many employees are unsettled and need your voice and transparency right now. Clear and concise internal communications, while important all the time, have become a top priority during this crisis. Additionally, as people are home, customers (and prospects) need to hear from you, whether it is to clarify offerings, to trouble-shoot connections for people working or schooling from home, or to be reassured that your business is still operating and available to serve the community. Plus One can help craft these messages and communications.

One of the bright spots in the telecommunications space during this crisis is that many of the organizations have been giving back to their communities – providing free internet or doubling broadband speeds at no additional cost.

To support the rural telecom industry, Plus One is offering 6 hours of communication, messaging and graphic consultation at no charge to new clients. We can help put together clear messages using factual data from trusted health organizations, as well as up-to-date information from your local and state sources.

Contact Tanya Sullivan at 703-772-2235 or tsullivan@plusonestrategy.com.