Happy New Year! For better or worse, this is the time of year that people make resolutions to try new things or to improve their habits. If your company’s marketing and business development efforts could yield better results, resolve to market smarter in 2022. Plus One can help!

2022 Marketing Resolutions Checklist:

Acquire New Customers

  • Pricing Evaluations – Make sure your price points are appropriate for the market; consider special promotions to give yourself a subscriber boost.
  • Outreach Strategy – Target the right audience(s) with the right messaging about the right offerings.
  • Advertising Analysis – Examine your digital and traditional advertising efforts to see if you are hitting the right audience(s).

Retain and Help Current Customers

  • Website Improvement – Does your website need an update? Does it look its best? Is it user friendly and easy to navigate?
  • Customer Communications – Take care of and engage with your current customers. Make sure they get information that is useful to them, such as educational pieces about fiber, routers, streaming, special offers and customer feedback.

 Boost Your Brand

  • Messaging – What’s happening that your customers care about? New fiber builds?
  • Design – Does your brand look its best? Should you refresh your logo and collateral, or modernize your look?
  • Grassroots – Are you talking to your community stakeholders and communicating your efforts? Commissioners, supervisors and partners need to hear about the importance of broadband, working together and the progress you are making.
  • Community Participation – Always communicate the good work of your company, whether it’s charitable donations, volunteering or Wi-Fi hotspots.

 Care for Your Employees

  • Employee Surveys – Asking your employees what they think, observe and perceive gives you invaluable insights and boosts morale.
  • Staff Training – Training puts everyone on message and improves the customer experience (CX).
  • Internal Communications – Talk to and inform your staff! They keep the company running and are the most important brand ambassadors you have.

It may be cliché to make January resolutions but there’s a reason for it – it helps to take advantage of a new beginning and start fresh.

Contact Tanya at Plus One and let us get your marketing off to a great start in 2022.