What is Dynamic Content?

Dynamic online content adapts or changes based on a user’s past behavior, preferences they have set, in-session behavior, or data known about the user. You can also use dynamic content in your emails as well.

Why Dynamic Content is Important

Improving your company’s “customer experience” is a critical part of keeping people happy with your brand, and we all know customer retention is a large part of business success.

Often, businesses focus more on their efforts of customer acquisition than retention, and while that is not a bad thing, it is more expensive to obtain new customers than it is to keep existing ones coming back for more.

Plus One has partnered with Sharp Spring to bring our clients the best marketing automation tool for your company.

Want to see how dynamic content works when using Sharp Spring? Start by filling out the demo form below. Once you’ve submitted the form, refresh the page and you will see the “content box” change and is now tailored to your specific user data-set.

Dynamic Content Demo Box

Hi potential customer! Your device details are below:

Account Email: You're not a customer.

Phone Company: Whoops, you have no service!

Brand: No device.

Device: No device.

Brand: Your Device:

Interested in marketing automation but don’t know how to get started?

Plus One offers the tools you need to track, measure and connect with customers and prospects. We help define real sales opportunities from your digital engagement through powerful automation rules, dynamic content and targeted emails based on your customers’ interests.

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